Canadian music producer Elated is creating a cutting edge sound that combines a multitude of genres including Pop, Melodic Techno, Trance, EDM, & Big Room. His music is all about healing and being on the other side of struggle. His artist mantra is, "The message is connection." Elated’s music combines unique sound design, a fresh progressive rhythm, and a distinctive melodic flow. A 10 year veteran behind the DJ decks, his magnificently curated DJ sets are sure to elevate your mind, body, & spirit.

Elated established a name for himself in the dance music scene with his 2019 collaboration, 'Parallel Dimension' with Grammy Nominated producer Paul van Dyk. Elated has independently released 8+ tracks. Of which, ‘Snowcapped’ was selected by Spotify curators for their ‘Trance Mission’ playlist, and has amassed over 250,000 plays on Spotify alone. Furthermore, Elated has been mentioned by international media outlets such as DJ Mag, EDM.com, WERAVEYOU, YourEDM, EDM Tunes, & EDM Identity. With quotes from Paul van Dyk calling Elated, "One of the most talented up and coming artists," & EDM Identity listing Elated as a "Fast Rising Star" and an "Artist To Watch in 2020." To date, Elated has released with notable record labels such as Black Hole Recordings, Vandit Records, & Raz Nitzan Music.

Presently, Elated is attending Icon Collective College of Music. As well as working on a Concept Project that combines an Animated Short Film with an Artist Album. In addition to music, Elated as a Sound Designer sees him releasing sample and preset packs in 2022. Elated's most recent release is a remix of Pauline Herr's track 'Selfish,' which was selected as one of the winners of her Audius Music Remix Contest. He is also working on a live performance show which combines playing keyboard, drums, DJ'ing, & Ableton Live. This live show is set to launch with his Concept Project in 2022.

The definition of Elated is: "To make someone ecstatically happy, very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits."

The Message Is Connection!




Some of Elated's biggest achievements so far:

> Paul van Dyk collaboration 'Parallel Dimension' [link]
> 'Parallel Dimension' is selected as the premiere single release by Paul van Dyk for his 10th studio album (Nov 2019)
> EDM Identity named Elated an 'artist to watch' in 2020 [link] (Jan 2020) 
> Major label track release on Black Hole Recordings [link] (Jan 2020)
> Article feature by major dance music media company DJ Mag [link] (Nov 2019)
> Feature mention by major music media company EDM.com [link] (Nov 2019)

> Major feature on international media company Dance Music Northwest  [link] (May 2019)
> Guest Mix on Victoria's CFUV 101.9 FM (May 2019)
> 230,000 streams on my track titled 'Snowcapped'
> 46,000 monthly Spotify listeners (Feb 2020)
> Collaboration with veteran singer/songwriter Amy Kirkpatrick

> Multiple Hypeddit #1 chart positions 


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